Hi Zap! I would just like to thank you. Your product saved me a lot of time and scrubbing. The powerful Zap concentrate allowed me to eliminate everything that was growing on my bath tub. My bath tub is restored thanks to you. Thank You!
- John F.

I just purchased Zap restorer in the spray bottle.I have tried to clean our bathroom sink with ordinary cleaners, but it remained dingy. I sprayed zap on it and waited 2 minutes and the dirt, lime scale and hard water came right off! The brass faucet is sparkling now! That was the best investment I ever spent on a cleaner. It actually does what it says!
- Jason

Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I ordered the Zap Restorer in the spray bottle via the internet. It's the same "stuff"!!! I knew as soon as I sprayed it onto a cloth (the same color, smell, and texture). And it has already restored my Adirondack chair back to its original wood finish. Thank you for such fabulous products!
- Michele R.

I've had your product in the garage for probably a year... never used it until today. I guess I assumed it was like every other claim I had used over the years but that never worked. Well, yesterday we decided to repaint my bathroom and of course with the work lights for painting I could REALLY see how awful my tub/shower looked. For some reason I decided to try your product...low & behold it REALLY WORKS! You now have believers that will share the word far and wide.... so thank you for living up to the hype!
- Dick & Claudia M.

I am absolutely delighted with your ZAP restorer. I used this product reluctantly, not really expecting it to do the job on my stained bathtub, and I was UNEXPECTELY SURPRISED and EXtrEMELY PLEASED with the results. ZAP lives up to its promises. "ZAP" DELIVERS!
- Frank L

I purchased one bottle of Zap in a retail store just to try it. I love this product! I can't remember where I purchased it and have not been able to find it at Wal-Mart or the grocery stores. I live in an old house and Zap is the only thing I have ever used that would clean my old tile. I will never use anything else!
- Jodi F

I love your Zap Professional Restorer! It has made my bathroom look new! Friends are always asking, "How do you keep your grout so white?" Thanks for such a great product!
- Ashely Z

I had purchased your product from Wal-Mart store I believe, well over 7 years ago (I think it was) and used it in my bathtub to remove stains from hair dye and it worked like nothing I had tried. I had tried EVERYTHING made on the store shelves. I recently moved into an older house with a gorgeous, very old, deep porcelain sink in the kitchen where the previous tenants had cleaned car parts in it. It had rust stains and scratches that had collected dirt. It was terrible to see such a beautiful sink so scared. I tried everything once again after not being able to find your product in stores or on TV infomercials I even tried online and couldn't find anything under zap cleaner. I found a bottle at a yard sale for 1.00. The person selling it said it had work in the past but they purchased it for what turned out to be a very bad mold problem under the floor they were trying to clean so unfortunately it was too big a job for the small bottle. I was so happy to see the product, I grabbed it before anyone else, and others at the sale asked me what it was since I was so happy to find it. When I told them what it does they asked if there were any more bottles. I had gotten the only ones! After a week, I finally got a chance to use it on my sink and it is gorgeous! I loved it before because it is older and very deep but now I can really ENJOY it!! It does probably need another application so I hope to have the money to purchase the product from you in the near future but it works wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone and I will be telling everyone about your website. Thanks again!
- Maria

I own a small cleaning business and used to see Zap in the stores occasionally and don't any more. When I would see it I would buy the shelf practically empty. It saves so much time and allows us to get on to the next job or get home a lot sooner with a lot less effort. Thank you so much for an amazing product. It is the only thing that we have ever found that works the way it is claimed to, and we have been to a lot of janitorial chemical stores only to waist time and money buying more expensive stuff that doesn't work any better then water and a green scrubbing pad. LOL! It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't true. Thanks again for an amazing product.
- Eric

This product is unbelievably AWESOME! You have NO idea how GROSS my boyfriends shower/tub was...and after about 20 minutes, it almost looks NEW. He was so impressed, he is even going to re-caulk and maybe even buy new faucet/handles! We were sure we would be replacing the entire tub as bad as it was! THANK YOU for making such a great product, and I WILL be recommending it to friends and co-workers!
- Ronelle S

I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter of appreciation such as this. In fact, when my shipment of ZAP Restorer and Astonish arrived, I made sure to keep the packing, thinking there would be a good chance I'd have to return it; that's how skeptical I am of most product claims these days. And while I do wish these products were available in stores, I must tell you that I am truly impressed by how well they work. ZAP is virtually the ONLY product I have found which removes rust stains from porcelain, and Astonish has performed equally well on the various surfaces/stains I have tried it on (the fact that it appears to be safe and organic as well is even more impressive). My most sincere thanks for creating products that live up to their claims.
- Richard T

I purchased Zap and I absolutely love it. It restored my bathtub to like new! My porcelain tub is about 45 years old and was really getting scurvey looking. Black streaks all through out the tub. I applied the Zap and left it sit overnite and the next day just ran some water and wiped with a cloth and it was completely gone. The bathtub is as white and clean as the day it was installed I imagine. ( I was not here when it was installed.) So thanks a million ZAP. You made my cleaning of my bathtub so easy.
- Joyce S

I was desperate to find something to clean the accumulated iron deposits in my tub. Believe me, I have tried everything under the sun, only to get more disgusted because nothing gave me the results I wanted. I admit that I was skeptical when I ordered the Restore4 kit and shelled out good money for what I thought would be "just another claim". Boy was I wrong. I received the kit today and immediately went to work in my bathroom. I got results that I could not believe considering I diluted the Restore4. I was actually expecting it not to work like was promised but was pleasantly surprised. Please don't ever stop making this product. I have yet to try the other products in the kit but I'm sure they will live up to my expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you...!
- K. Abbott

Hi Michael! Recently I ordered two products from you, and was EXtrEMELY HAPPY with the results. I did not dream my old cast iron tub could look so good. Thanks! My floors are looking better, also-although I liken the product to an acrylic medium I use teaching elementary art, since the odor was so familiar.
- Nancy F.

Just wanted to let you know what an outstanding product you have! I have never been impressed with a product to the point that I wanted to write the company and let them know just how good it is! Most of the time if you've seen 1 cleaning product, you've seen 'em all, but not in this case! I have a 114 year old house with tons of wood. I've tried Scotts liquid gold, Lemon oil, etc. and none of them comes close to Zap! My yellow pine kitchen floor was one step away from being sanded and re-varnished, but I used Zap, at it is now absolutely stunning! I lent my neighbor down the street my bottle and she refused to return it! The examples just go on and on. This is a wonderful product that does everything that it promises and more!!!!! WOW! Thanks!!
- April S.

I ordered my ZAP Restorer last week, and received it today. I just wanted to drop you a note to say that this is one product that performs exactly as advertised! I removed rust stains from my fiberglass tub in minutes, with near zero effort, and I can tell you that prior to trying ZAP, I tried just about everything else. Great product!
- Mark H.

I have never in my life used a product that works as well as ZAP!! To be honest with you, when I did my first section of ceramic tiles on my kitchen floor, I thought I ruined the tiles because of how much it cleaned up!! It didn't even take energy... Just spray, wipe, mop up and dry!! WOW!!!! I'm a believer in this product!! If you ever have coupons for your products, or sale prices, please let me know!! Now it's time for me to go find something else to clean!!
- Joann L.

First, let me say, that I have never liked a product enough to write to them and tell them how I felt. That is, until now. I am totally amazed!! I was at my wits end trying to get our 20 year old tub clean. I had tried every thing, including dumping 3 gallons of bleach and letting it sit for an hour. Nothing. We had a professional kitchen and bath guy come in and give us an estimate for a new tub. He told us that we would never get it clean. A new tub would have cost us $300.00. I saw a commercial for Zap! and decided to buy it, but I was pretty skeptical. Nothing else had worked. With Zap!, in fifteen minutes I had a tub that was like new. Our tub was so bad that I didn't even know that it was white. I was so excited that I cleaned the toilet and sink too. I thought they were clean. But, not like they are now. I can finally keep the curtain on the tub open. I am no longer ashamed of our tub. I am a loyal Zap! user from this point on. Your product saved me from spending $300.00 that I didn't need to. Thank You!!
- Katy P.

First of all I want you to know I have never before written an "endorsement" for any product. I tried Zap on my 30 yr old tub last night. After years of wasting cleansers, bleach and other chemicals (I even tried oven cleaner once!) I was very skeptical of trying "one more time" before tearing out the whole bathroom. Zap really works! My tub is white again! I have NEVER found a product that actually does what it claims to do so thoroughly. Thank you!!
- Ruth W.

I am owner of a small cleaning service for landlords. I clean rentals after the tenants move out for them. I have tried everything to get the tubs and showers clean. I had seen you adds on TV and thought I would give it a try. Well, was I surprised. It just so happened that my next job was after a bachelor moved out that had lived in the apt. for 4 years. The tub and sink was a mess. Honestly it looked just like that ad you use on TV with black all over it. I did have to use a whole bottle of Zap but it was well worth it. And maybe a bit more scrubbing power that TV ad showed but I LOVED IT! The bathrooms are my worse jobs in these rentals and I look for products to make the work go easier and faster. I will be sure to buy Zap in the future and tell everyone about how GREAT it works. Thanks and please keep making this product!
- Roberta D.

I have tried three other products guaranteed to remove any and all stains from toilet bowls with zero results. Needless to say, I was not very hopeful that your product was any better. Our toilet bowls were both extremely stained by hard water, old copper pipes and rust. When I used ZAP on them last night, I was simply amazed. Even though I still had to scrub fairly hard on the bad areas, they came clean and really do look like brand new. I want you to know that you have a satisfied customer in me. And be assured I will promote your product to everyone with stain problems of any sort.
- J. Comer